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My images wont show after url change?

  1. images wont show after changing address
    Hello I have recently changed the url of my blog page. The content movement seems fine (apart from not being able to change the title of the original lanieve5552.wordpress page) but the images only show as links.. I tried putting the new url into the image html but that still doesnt work, the images only show as links.. I also tried deleting them and inserting again, one image worked somehow but the others are not getting fixed...
    Please help!
    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It saves a LOT of time if you give us a link to a page where the issue is occurring. Like this one:

    So what have you done to that page to fix it, if anything? Nothing is better than something, because it allows us to look at the actual flaw that is happening.

  3. Like i said in the first post, Ive tried changing the url inside the image html and also tried deleting the original image and inserting again from the image gallery. The same issue is occurring on multiple pages.

  4. So that page has been modified by you? Is there a page where the original error hasn't been touched yet? If so, give us the URL of that page.

    The second image is shown as link unlike the first image

  6. Hi there - I think these should all be fixed. If it happens again after changing your site address, please let me know.

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