my insert more tag isn't working

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    I’m trying to add a page break in my post but it isn’t working. I inserted it in it and published it but on the published post it isn’t there. What could be wrong?

    The blog I need help with is



    What do you mean by Page break? Are you referring to Splitting Content » NextPage (Pagination)?
    The only methods we have of spiltting content are found here >
    Please provide an active link starating with http:// to the post in question so we can examine it.



    Note that the use of “the more tag” affects only fornt page display. Inserting “the more tag” Splitting Content » The More Tag results in the beginning of posts displaying on your front page, followed by a read more link for visitors to click to read the full post on its own page. The more tag will not be visible in “preview mode” but provided you do insert it then it will be there when you publish.

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