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My Jealously created something I enjoy :)

  1. So I created a new blog called Somewhat Competent. I started it yesterday, but I already posted 7 new posts! I'm really excited about this one! I know I'll keep up with it.

    I'd appreciate it you took the time to check it out, leave some comments, giggle a little bit. Well...first I need to write something funny and witty. Well, you may laugh...maybe...okay, I'm discouraging readers >.> I'll stop talking about that now.

    Anywho, I'm not doing it for the internet really, it's just me writing whatever pops into my head. I'll take requests, and I'll answer questions sent to me :) Uh...I'm really sure what else to say about it, I guess you kinda have to read it (which is really the point of this haha!).

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Will do! All the best with your blog!

  3. Thank you! and i will!! :)

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