My Koi Theme looks a mess!

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    I’m experiencing some trouble with my Koi theme. It looked great with a columm for the posts and the right sidebar. I don’t know what happened (or what I did), now it’s showing two columms with posts, kind of merged. The sidebar is at the bottom of the page.
    Anyone help please?!

    The blog I need help with is



    Typically this is caused by an open HTML tag in one of your posts. It’s often the result of copying and pasting text from elsewhere without using either icon 5 or icon 6 in Row 2 of the visual editor.

    Please be sure that you have enabled this on your blog > Settings > Writing
    ___ WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and then scroll down and click “Save Changes.”

    Starting with your latest post, open it in the editor, make one minor change such as adding a space and then deleting it, and then click “Update Post.” Check your blog and see if it is back to normal.

    If it’s not back to normal edit, enter the HTML editor and look for an open HTML tag and close it. Check your blog again and see if it is back to normal. If it’s still “messed up” then open the next post and do the same thing post by post until it goes back to normal.



    Please tell me
    – how to wrap text around the image?
    – how to minimize the image on the left with wrap text.
    – How to use different category of slideshows in one page.



    Your issues are not related to invalidly nested XHTML and it’s very confusing when we post and answer off-topic comments like the one you have posted.

    Myself or another Volunteer will gladly help you in a new thread you post on your own issues by using this link.



    Hi! Problem solved! It was exactly what you said. An image I copied was the reason.
    Thanks A LOT!!



    You’re welcome and best wishes for happy blogging. :)

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