My latest comment isn’t showing up – this hasn’t happened before!

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    While logged in, I’ve posted a reply comment on my blog, pressed “submit” and the page has just re-loaded with nothing happening and no comment published. I have tried to submit it again, but just got the message, “Duplicate comment: Sorry it looks like you have already said this!”

    But it hasn’t shown up.

    I’ve checked my spam folder and nothing new is in there. My comment had a few links in, but this shouldn’t be a problem, right? I can’t even post a comment when I’m logged out (I get the same duplicate message).

    Anything else I can do or is this just a glitch? Has this happened to anyone else?



    I am reading about the Askimet Spam issue a few threads below – I think this is the problem. My comment has gone into spam but it says the folder is empty so I can’t retrieve it. Is it just a matter of time before this is resolved or is there anything I can do? I’ll try posting my comment reply with no links in it..



    Your comments not showing up in the sidebar (Recent Comments) but has number of comments working correctly.

    It’s probably a server issue related to the bugs a few days ago. I noticed that since yesterday even if you forced-refresh your browser. But it still shows up but responded slowly.

    Just try clearing the cahce re-open the browser again.



    same problem, I think. I had on and off issues of comments not showing in Recent comments, but being in the thread.

    Now today in Edit Comments I can see 10 comments that cannot be seen on the page. Nor do they appear in the sidebar Recent Comments. (Also the comments disappearing to spam is still an open issue.)

    Hoping for a resolution.



    This very thing is happening to me today. I don’t know what to do about it.



    Same trouble here. People report posting comments and they aren’t showing up. Not in moderation. Not in Akismet. Just vanished. Reporting it to Feedback now…



    I have had comments vanish on posting too most recently on Urban Semiotic.



    Hi Nicola!

    It’s good to mention it here, but be sure to also send in Feedback so it gets officially reported. Sometimes Staff become overwhelmed and don’t often check the forums.

    Try posting your comment again on my blog and we’ll see if it goes through or not.



    UPDATE: I waited too long to edit the following into my previous comment…

    I added an “Alert!” Widget to my sidebar to help commenters understand why their comments might go missing. As I ponder back, this “disappearing comments” thing has been going on for about 3 weeks or so but not reported to me often enough on an ongoing basis to warrant touching in with Feedback because the problem was sort of “untrackable.” My bad.



    Just had the same problem I think. Comments are showing up in under the comments tab and “Your stuff” but not on the actual blog page. The page link attached to the comment is “#0”, which just goes to an empty blog page saying “sorry no posts matched your criteria”. Any ideas appreciated.



    Hi. I’m new using WordPress. It took me some time to discover that my replies were not shown in the page i was reading (that’s after pressing Enter the page refreshes but my reply-post was not shown). I knew that I configured WP so new post should be always approved by the admin before being published, but i was waiting some kind of confirmation.

    And that’s the real problem. WP is working fine according to the configuration I set, the problem is that after replying WP is NOT INFORMING the user that his post NEED TO BE APPROVED before being published, and that cause LOT of confusion and the feeling of that something went wrong! Of course, if they retry will get a duplicated error.

    A simple message after the submision (like “Thank you for your reply. Your post will be reviewed and published as soon as possible.”) would help a lot to make things clear.



    Since you’ve been here for a grand total of 57 minutes and there’s no blog with your name, I’m thinking you’re in the wrong place. These forums are for those blogs here hosted at You need to be over at as you’re running different software.

    You may want to search the forums as it’s a fairly easy fix. Like two lines of code added to the theme. I even think the default theme that comes with wordpress does this. A lot of themes already have this built in. Chances are you’re just using a theme that does not.



    I’ve been having this issue lately as well… I submit the comment to the specific post, when I go back to my blog, it’s missing but still showing in the dashboard area- strange. Other “recent comments” on the sidebar disappear as well. Am I missing something here?



    Sometimes they are slow to show up with the data syncing across multiple servers. It really depends on whether the comment shows up in your admin => comments or if it was snatched by Akismet.


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