My latest gallery page is not showing on my blog

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    I have created a new page in my gallery section –
    It shows up as preview and WordPress says it is published, but it does not appear on my blog nor does it appear if I type the above in the address bar.
    What might wrong?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


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    I looks like you now have your Prussian gallery. If you are using a custom menu then you need to edit it so that this gallery will be a child page of the main navigation “Gallery.”



    Thanks 1tess –
    However I thought I had done that. When I previewed my original it did show that it was a child of my gallery page and that it was successfully published – however it wouldn’t show up there. I set it up to be a page on its own (by mistake I admit) but I am non-the-wiser as to what happened to the original page.
    I imagine I forgot something very basic!



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    Wish I could enlighten you! Try it again? maybe it was just a hiccup?

    Edit the Prussian page and change it to a child of “Gallery.” You aren’t using a custom menu, right?



    I’ve tried it half a dozen times. It definitely tells me that IT IS a child of the gallery but its not there!
    Odd really.
    I think I will leave it, as it might lose its patience with me and do something else that I do not understand!

    Thanks for the help anyhow!



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    Ah then. Perhaps another volunteer will have an insight into what is happening.

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