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My latest gender bending short story

  1. Zelda knew the schlongs would come back, and make her the queen of their schlong bang, but not before they contacted their leader Zeuks to join in on the fun. How ironic that a day ago Zeuks was the banger and now his schlonglessness would make him the “bangee.” The events of the day put a heavy toll in his her psyche for Zelda despite her newly formed “femmeness” still harbored a lot of alpha-maleness ...

  2. Awesome story. How come I haven't found your blog before now?

  3. @aeliusblythe

    I'm glad you found me now and thanks for subscribing. I've been blogging since May. I'm out there, just not as out as I'd like to be. But thanks to bloggers and readers like you that might change in the near future. :)

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