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My latest post in not showing up under any of the tags/topics I selected

  1. synapticcohesion

    My latest post is not showing up under any of the tags that I placed it under. Not one. Why?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. synapticcohesion

    And I have to add that the my previous post right before this one posted right away under the topics selected--but has now disappeared from those topic pages. Why are my posts hidden from view under the topics pages?

  3. synapticcohesion

    Are these posts "too political?"

  4. Are any of the reasons for non-display applicable?

  5. synapticcohesion

    No, timetheif. I kept the topics to no more than 10 and there's nothing offensive in my posts.

  6. synapticcohesion

    Plus, as mentioned my previous "stamp" post did post right away. But a few hours later, it is gone--from all of the selected topics pages.

  7. Okay I flagged this for a Staff response.

  8. synapticcohesion

    Thank you, timethief.

  9. synapticcohesion

    Post is still not showing up anywhere. Who knew that I would stumble upon a taboo subject?

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