My layout had gone Pete Tong!

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    Hi there,

    After submitting my latest post, the custom colour scheme I selected when I set the blog up has reverted back to its original, without me having changed any of it. The font itself looks ‘grainy’ and as though it’s not loading properly, the lines under the ‘rate this’ feature have reduced by more than half, the footer colour is an insipid pink rather than the strong red I had; it’s driving me mad! Obviously I went into the customize colour section but all the settings are as I’d left them; what is displayed in my customize section is absolutely not what is being displayed on the screen to the public. I don’t see how to change it as I don’t know what I ‘changed’ in the first instance! Could anyone help please? Many thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



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    Hi there Jordan,

    Pete Tong aside, what browser are you using to view your site with? That might be part of the problem.

    This is your “is the computer plugged in?” question — in other words, a place to start. : ) Here’s this link as well:

    Let the boards know and we’ll go from there!



    Thanks guys. I am viewing on Firefox and never had a problem before now. What frustrates me is that I’m really not a natural with this CSS thing and it took me ages to getting my blog looking just how I’d wanted it….and now it’s gone back to square one!! Not a happy bunny! :-(


    Would someone be kind enough to let me know how to change in CSS the border colours, links, date circle, footer colour and search button? The colour code I’d been using (before it resorted back to that horrible coral colur) is #BA0707. Would I just put the new codes in the CSS box and do I need to put them in any particular order? Told you I was not a natural at customisation!! Many thanks for any assistance in advance.



    Howdy! Are you still having this problem? There was a bug in Bueno that should now be fixed, but please let us know if your site is still not displaying properly so I can take another look. Thanks!



    Hang in there, jordantheheadcase, CSS help is on the way.



    (Spoke five minutes too late. ;] )


    Only just had a chance to get on here; it’s all fine again, like a lovely rosy sunset. Thanks for your messages! Am very relieved I don’t have to set it all up again but have also realised that I probably need to get a lesson or two in learning CSS properly. :-)

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