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my left sidebar is overwriting my post

  1. lightlycrunchy

    I had this problem briefly in the past and I think the fix was finding a hanging /div code, but I can't find one this time around - I also don't normally use the html view, but I did to look for this, did that mess it up somehow?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. lightlycrunchy

    Ok, now the main page looks fine, but when I click to view more posts, the posts that come up are jumbled with the sidebar on top.

  3. lightlycrunchy

    And now the main page is back to being messed up, too.

  4. lightlycrunchy

    I honestly can't find the problem, but I do see a small black box that shows just before the third post that shows on the page. The main page often will show fine, but as soon as you click on "show more posts" the whole thing goes screwy. Plus, it might be fine one time when you look at the main page, but the next time you view it it has the left column on top of the blog post. Doesn't seem to be any consistancy.

    Is there anyone reading these?

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