my link in someone’s blogroll tries to download a virus!

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    teck says that the link to my blog in his blog roll tries to download a virus when clicked! :(

    up date I removed your site from my blogroll
    when I clicked on your site from my blog roll it tryed to
    download a viruse from link
    as soon as you can get this fixed I will re add your site


    what gives?????????



    Have you tried looking up and virus alerts associated with them? Also; What’s your estimate of that person’s level of sophistication? Because it could mean they got hacked (control of their Dashboard is the only way to add or change blogroll links. What’s your estimate of that person’s character, because it could mean they’re dicking with you.


    i dared not go to a site associated with virus. perhaps teck should be here too. he can explain things better, i guess!



    Hello I have spy sweeper running on my computer and yesterday When I click on her
    site name my spy sweeper popped open a new window and said it has block a unauthorized
    download from I have had no problems with any other sites on my blog roll
    expect hers which i’m not saying it’s her fault in anyway it could be as simple as her site
    might be liked to a bad site that she has manually linked to through a post she has written.



    Contact staff and get them to fix it.



    Update it’s I click on her site name through my guest book and this
    is the result I got here is a Screen Shot to prove what i’m talking about




    Okay, so: who put that link in? Was it you? Was it her? Please go and look at it and copy exactly what it says, the LINK URL not the displayed name, and post it here, only WITHOUT the http, so it isn’t clickable. Then we can analyze it without having to click on it.



    that link is a screen shot (Picture) I have provide the link (Broken) in question above but will
    repost the broken link again as well provide the screen shot url In url format
    instead of hyper link

    [] Link Broken by gamehq

    screen shot of what I posted above




    I for got to mention the screen shot of my spy sweeper will also back up the url
    I have provided in a broken format



    oh god!
    i don’t link to virus sites! :(
    did i do anything unknowingly? if so, how can i find out? like if i do have the link in my site, how can i know?
    maybe i should go use the google custom search engine in my blog….



    I would contact support and provide a link to this forum topic

    P.s. I’m not made at you sorry if I came across that way. :)


    please don’t misunderstand me! i never thought that. i just thought you will be able to explain things better because you encountered the problem, that’s all!

    besides, i know i did nothing wrong. i am loveable inside out! :D


    that site “usersonline” is a popular counter.
    sanjidabd, you use this counter on your blog. you’ve also posted about it, here:

    there is a thread from 2007 in the forums where users were discussing this counter. it has html code so many wordpressers use it.
    thread is here:

    that “script error” that so many were getting earlier, I just received for the first time. I got it when I went to sanjidabd’s blog. wondering if it has to do with this counter; if there is an issue over there at that site. (



    ps – browser version used when just now receiving the script error was IE7, Vista Operating system


    pps – should probably add, since many don’t do this:
    I keep much disabled over here unless I need to use it. Including java, flash, even windows media player were disabled when the script error was just received. A script error is odd over here. Would love to know what is causing all of this, put the pieces together.



    The best thing to do is:

    A) report it to staff before they close for the weekend
    B) take that link to the counter site off in the meantime.



    I just visited that counter site [] and because “webroot spysweeper” blocked it earlier when I tryed to visit sanjidabd’s, blog.
    The counter site will not display. in my browser (Firefox)
    the site the url matches what webroot spy sweeper has blocked earlier.

    I do believe dissfunktional, has found the source of the problem
    which is a easy fix by just removing the counter.

    Than you dissfunktional, :)


    thanks for all the help, guys!

    so useronline is the root of all evil? i wonder if it’s common for all sites that has that counter?

    i have removed it. so hopefully the next blogger who adds me won’t have to de-blogroll me because of useronline.

    i am gonna remove it from my post also.

    u r a genius!

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