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My link to Skydrive doesn't work any more

  1. I have a link to SkyDrive to show my pictures includiing text. To-day I and probably nobody cannot reach it any more, or at lesat not whithout loging in on SkyDrive. , and even that doesn't seem to work. What the this?
    Blog url:

  2. We do not provide support for SkyDrive here at Please go to the SkyDRive support forums and post there

  3. I can understand that. But: My "MS Spaces" account was unvoluntarily transferred to you some time ago, and they or you put my illustrated story in Skydrive which was reached by a link on the new wordpress blogg, which I did not design (although i have modified it later). Isn't a link from you to SkyDrive supposed to work any longer? Anyway, I have of course tried to reach MS too, but your response is much quicker and better so far. Have you tried my blogg? Thank you for your effort

  4. Microsoft gave 6 months advance notice that they were shutting down LiveSpaces and no Live Spaces users were compelled to move to We have no access to Windows Live Spaces migrations as of March of 2011 and we cannot help you here with any SkyDrive issues. You must post to SkyDrive support >

  5. Thank you again for your efforts. I am of course using your advice. However, is this statement quite correct, and if so can you make it somewhat clearer: "...they were shutting down LiveSpaces and no Live Spaces users were compelled to move to" (LiveSpaces and Live Spaces spellt different or?) Thing is, I never got any notice about ther closure until i doscovered it tonight..

  6. Note this article and the SkyDrive update video > A new modern, updated apps, and at 10 million users

  7. This was most helpful. Microsoft has not bothered to send this information to me themselves. It works, OK, only they seem to have deleted three of my files (to which my link led) with some 100 pictures whith texts applied, only leaving a small file whith 7 pts. Shame on them. You are not to blame at all of course. Thank you for your excelent support!

  8. Hi. Things beeing as they are, I consider the possibility of placing my pictures and slideshows directly in my wordpress blogg. However I have this question: Can texts (captions) attached to the pictures be shown in a wordpess slideshow? To be honest, I asked this question 2010 (I think it was) and to my disappointment the answer was no. So I stayed with SkyDrive. But perhaps you have improved this feature?

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