My link widget has become deactivated

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    For years I have had a link widget in the right column in my blog. It is still visibly there, but since 11 days back (since Dec 01, 2012) it no longer works – it is not clickable.

    To my understanding, the link widget has two functions: (1) For readers of my blog to be able to get to the website in my link, and (2) for the website in my link to update its link to point to my current blog post here at WordPress, as soon as I publish it.

    I detected the link break by noticing that the link in the other website still points to my blog post from December 1.

    What can I do?

    The blog I need help with is



    WordPress just sent me an e-mail about this issue and I thought that I got an answer. Sadly, not so.

    In any event, an update. The links now work in both directions, the link in my WordPress widget is clickable again and the clicker gets to my other site, and a clicker on the other site gets to my WordPress site.

    But on my other site, the number and date and the first sentence of my lastest WordPress post still appears as number 1652 of December 1, although I have now completed my post number 1680 on December 17. I believe that my other site needs the same sort of signal, when I add a new post on my WordPress site, as it used to get until December 1 – but I don’t know.

    What can I do about that? Is it at the other site that something should be done?

    I am so glad that I have this help by WordPress, and I hope that it really works.

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