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My links appear to be broken

  1. My blong link seems to be broken because people can't open the link to my blog. Even when I try to open the link to either my blog or a post it tells me it can't find the webpage. I'm a part of three very big writers groups and would love to be able to have them go to my blog. Can we please fix this issue so that my writer-friends and mentors can come to my blog? I need the traffic and to build up crendentials and credulity of my name and my brand. Please help me fix this? Preferrably by Tuesday as that's when I'll be making another post.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your theme comes with featured posts, and you did not set it up correctly just yet.

    Read more about your theme settings here

  3. This has nothing to do with featured posts. If you want your latest posts on your homepage, go to Settings > Reading and set the blog front to display your latest posts. If you want a static page as your homepage, create that page in Pages > Add New, then go to Settings > Reading and set the blog front to display that static page.

  4. No, when people go to my blog, there is a notice at the top of the page which states that the webpage doesn't exist. It's stating that my blog does not exist. How do I fix that issue?

  5. The blog front can display your latest posts or a static page. If you're talking about, the blog exists alright, but its front has nothing to display because you had set it to display a static page then you trashed that page. You fix the issue by doing what I said in my previous reply.

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