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My links are displayed wrong: on the bottom of the page

  1. Why are all my links wrongly displayed at the bottom of the page after the last post instead of being displayed on the upper right corner as before?

  2. 3continentfamily

    I'm having the same problem

  3. @andreibaban, your blog looks fine to me. But... your images might be too wide for the blogging area and that's what pushing the sidebar down. Look at your posts one at a time and see if that's the issue.

    @3continentfamily, a link to your blog would be mighty handy.

  4. It was all ok until yesterday, but I tried some new themes, then got back to the old theme, and there was this viewing problem.

  5. @katm:I solved it ... it was because of a picture that got unscalled. Thanx alot for the suggestion
    @3continentfamily: try the same thing... check out if you have a larger than normal pic, and rescale it from the post.

  6. I'm glad to hear it andreibaban. Good luck with your blog!

  7. 3continentfamily

    Hi andreibaban-
    I scaled a few photos down but no luck- except when I hit the entry itself to read comments- then the links are in the column on the right. It was fine last night, now not.

    here's my address:


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