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My links defy my categories!

  1. Hello there,

    It's more than a week now since one -not so happy- morning all links at the sidebar of my blog, once put well grouped under categories etc etc, decided to appear alphabetically and defying any user-set order!
    I'm using the blix profile, although this doesn't really play any part there. Links used to appear under categories and suddenly they just stopped. Check it out to see what I mean(it's in Greek, but still it's pretty apparent-

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

  2. This is how the Blix template was designed to function. This thread is on the point -

  3. Thanks for that, but they were working just fine until 10 days ago! Meaning that the blogroll widget did its work fine, until - for no apparent to me reason- links stopped being shown under categories as they were until then and changed appearence!

    Weird, ain't it?

  4. Weird indeed - sounds like a feedback situation, eh?

  5. I know folks were having issues with links on the Blix theme where the headers for teh link categories were displayed incorrectly. This may be because of the solution to fix that problem.

    I vote for a feedback as well.

  6. Thanks. But.. what's the definition of 'feedback' in this case?

  7. in your dashboard, top right hand corner.
    or, on your blog, top left hand corner My account > Contact Support

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