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My links don't show up!

  1. For some reason my blog list are not showing up on my blog today. Has this happened to anyone else.

  2. wait. Now they are back but i got emails from people who said they didn't see them. What's up?

  3. The columns on your blog are cached to save processor power. Else they would be pulling that information every single time a page would load. There appears to have been something up with the cache today as i noticed that one a few sites as well.

  4. mine are still missing. this cache saving thing is temporary, i assume? b/c my blogroll is GONE.

  5. Did you look within your Manage Links page?


  6. i didn't anything. they disappeared 2 hours ago and now they are back WHAM.

  7. Something might be up with the cache system they are using.

    Remember, (for anyone who sees this thread) if they're still in your Manage Links page, they're still there. Also backups are done as well.


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