My links don't work in Off Topic Forum.

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    I have been trying to link a URL with a text in the ‘off topic’ forum but it doesn’t work. When I press the text for the link it keeps saying ‘server cannot be found’. It’s becoming embarrassing. I know that the first two times it was because I was linking to adult content, fair enough: but the last time was to another thread.
    What am I doing wrong?



    Possibly nothing but it’s possible the first two times were the problem and got you put on some Moderation list or something. Wait it out. Should go okay in a day or so.


    Ok. Will do. Thanks rain. :)


    The links in the member’s only section of my wordpress blog have not worked for months. Forget waiting a day or two. I’m frustrated with it. Before I switched to Windows 7, I could get the links to work by highlighting them, right clicking, and chosing open. Now there is no way to open them. Help! Please!




    Have you tried clearing your browsers cache and cookies?

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