My Links have [WP-ADMIN] in Them? I Want Them Direct

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    I have a number of links on my website on the right hand side, they are of earlier rides I have doone over the years, the heading is MY RIDES. They used to be visible, but ‘went away’ some time ago,

    I have re-established the links, but for some reason they have the wp-admin in the middle and now when people click on them it goes to a log in page.

    I cannot find a way of making these links appear where they do with a direct link, can someone help please?

    On that same side are two other links under the heading RTW START DAYS, these links are direct and work as they should, but I cannot see any way of making the problem ones like this.


    The blog I need help with is


    The links in that widget are links that have been copied out while in the post editor. They are the links to edit those posts. You need to copy the links from the blog itself, not from within the dashboard. As an example

    The link for the mitta mitta entry should be:

    And this is what it is:



    If you used a text widget to create those links, you should use the link from “View” and not the “Edit” link (This is assuming you grabbed links from the “Edit Posts” tab).



    Gotta remember to refresh!

    /nod to tsp


    Ahh, OK, yes, I was in edit ‘posts’ to get those links, I shall try and see if I can change them.

    Thanks for the replies, I will be back, either to scream for help or to say it is resolved :)



    Well, job done, thanks for your help, I see where I went wrong now.

    As I am on the road it is a bit hard to find time to study too much



    You’re welcome.

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