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my links in my right column disappeared

  1. Thanks! I'm glad it was an easy fix.

  2. @writenow, I think you are being affected by a different problem which I've had in the past after putting a "more" line in a posting, using the visual editor.

    It seems as if sometimes the visual editor misses off one of the tags, or puts it in the wrong place, and then all the widgets disappear from the right-hand sidebar, as well as the type size changing. The solution seems to be to edit your latest posting, selecting html instead of the visual editor, and check that the coding for the "more" line is exactly like this: <!--more--> removing any extra tags.

    Hope this helps!

  3. gunservatively

    still no homepage links on the right-side as of this morning...

  4. janeaustensworld

    My links list is missing and so is the widget entitled links, so I cannot activate the links widget. I have not changed my blog and the links were there yesterday. My thems is misty look and my URL is

  5. @janeaustensworld: I can see a huge list of "Blogroll", "British Links", etc. etc. in your sidebar. If you still don't, try logging out and clearing your browser's cache and cookies.

  6. @gunservatively: Did you read the responses on page 1 of this thread? Just go to Appearance>Widgets and add the Links widget back.

    And please paste the exact URL of your blog when asking questions here, or link your nickname to your blog (as explained in the Sticky 8 Things to Know Before Posting). Helps us help you.

  7. Thank you Judyge for your help. However, I did not put a more line in my post, and this morning, everything is still the same; my complete side bar is missing. I think I need to report the problem to support.

  8. If this is the blog you are talking about:
    then I see your sidebar just fine.

    Try clearing cache and cookies. Log out. Restart browser,

  9. Strange, mine dont come back. I just checked and the widget is just above meta. How come it doesnt work for me, any1 with an idea?
    And I have tried with emptying my cache and logging out, or have I done that in a wrong way?

  10. It happened to me too but the solution seems simple enough. Thanks.

  11. @writenow, I looked at your blog and I could see your sidebar fine, so I'm hoping that means it is sorted. If not, then I think you'll be right to contact support.

  12. Solved. Started working during last hour!

  13. gunservatively

    panaghiotisadam, it worked...thanks!

  14. Staff told me in an email that it might be a little glitchy till they get all the widget updating done.

  15. @tsp,
    have you noticed that most of the blogs affected have been using Ocean MIst theme?
    I must be blind, but now I can't find the staff response about the widget updating.

  16. @tsp,
    GGRRRRR, it is in this thread!
    But even so, it doesn't explain the frequency of Ocean Mist being affected…

  17. Earlier the problem was with MistyLook.

    I had looked for it also, but could not find it either.

  18. Right. Getting older means getting really really smarter.
    I write it down, or bookmark it. Or forget it.

  19. My wordpress copy and paste text files evaporated into the ether when my external hard drive became a door stop. I regularly backed up everything on the external drive but that particular folder. Ceste la vie.

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