my links in my right column disappeared

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    @writenow, I looked at your blog and I could see your sidebar fine, so I’m hoping that means it is sorted. If not, then I think you’ll be right to contact support.



    Solved. Started working during last hour!


    panaghiotisadam, it worked…thanks!


    Staff told me in an email that it might be a little glitchy till they get all the widget updating done.


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    have you noticed that most of the blogs affected have been using Ocean MIst theme?
    I must be blind, but now I can’t find the staff response about the widget updating.


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    GGRRRRR, it is in this thread!
    But even so, it doesn’t explain the frequency of Ocean Mist being affected…


    Earlier the problem was with MistyLook.

    I had looked for it also, but could not find it either.


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    Right. Getting older means getting really really smarter.
    I write it down, or bookmark it. Or forget it.


    My wordpress copy and paste text files evaporated into the ether when my external hard drive became a door stop. I regularly backed up everything on the external drive but that particular folder. Ceste la vie.

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