My links inside a post keep going away

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    I make a post with a link to an outside site, and it seems to work, but then after I update the post, the link goes away. The address that I put in the Link is absolutely correct, and when I do a view post, it works. What step am I missing?

    The blog I need help with is


    a) Please paste the address here.
    b) Some of the links in your latest post won’t work because the http part has been inserted twice. Be careful with the link button: the http is already there in the URL field, so you need to highlight it first (if it isn’t highlighted) then paste the address, or delete it and paste the address, not just click in the field and paste it.
    c) Or did you now try to insert a link by manually pasting the complete code into the HTML editor instead of using the link button?



    d) If you have inserted an url which links to a malware/spam site —that will also not work and get redacted. ;)


    @wpgaurav: d is the reason for a!

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