my list of 155 categories is missing from my site.

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    My list of 155 categories recently disappeared from my site making it difficult for readers to find my over 700 posts. Please restore them.
    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


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    It looks like you removed your categories widget. Just drag it back into your sidebar.


    I looked at my site and don’t know how to drag it. I took my mouse and tried to drag from the right margin towards the left. Nothing happened. This removal of the categories just appeared several days ago. I first noticed it when I brought the web site up. I am not computer savy and do not know what a sidebar or widget is. Where do I find dashboard, appearance, widget and save? I appreciate your patience with me.


    I will be getting a new internet service and will be without internet or telephone from Jan. 2nd-6th Just in case you need to contact me. My computer will be turned off those days. Hope I can get my categories back before Jan.2nd. Thanks. Mal Bicker


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    This is one way to get to your dashboard:
    Use your browser to bookmark this link. Or copy and save it somewhere.

    Once you are on your dashboard, there should be a list of icons and labels on the left side of your screen. see the picture here:

    click on appearance to see another menu which includes widgets. Click on that. You will see a page of widgets (little helpful thingys to add to your site which do all sorts of stuff, including displaying your categories) Look for the category widget, click and drag it to the right side of your screen where your sidebar is shown. Scroll down, then save.


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    If you cannot drag the category widget to your sidebar, then click on “screen options” on the top right side of your screen. Choose “enable accessibility mode” click “add” on the categories widget, and proceed.


    I dragged the categories into the sidebar 2 and it shows up in the dashboard but not on the site. To test my changes I deleted the search widget and refreshed the site and the search widget went away. I re-added the search widget and it came back but still no categories even though it is still in the sidebar w box. This all occurred when the theme, Andreas04, was changed to Able. Any other suggestions on how to fix the new theme that broke my categories display?


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    sorrry, no.
    I will mark this topic for staff to modlook. I don’t understand what’s going on, so please subscribe to this thead (up near the top right) so you will hear from staff.



    Hi @hiddentreasures, I’ve added two widgets, Categories and Category Cloud to your sidebar. You can further customize them (or remove them altogether) using the hints mentioned here: Categories Widget

    You can customize your widgets under Appearance > Widgets. If you are having trouble doing that, please let me know which steps you’ve taken, which browser and version you are using, and where you are running into issues.

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