My log-in and admin links are gone so I can't get into my site

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    Help. My log-in and admin links have disappeared from my Sitka Health Summit blog, and I need to get into the site so I can do some updating. The links are no longer in the bottom right corner of the gateway page. This is a blog using the Twenty Eleven theme, and it doesn’t seem to be affecting my other sites which use different themes. (I rarely check this site, so please e-mail (email redacted) if you have any fixes). Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    No email. Only forum support.

    You should see a link to this blog in the Admin Bar, on the top right under the menu that will open if you hover over your username. Does it not appear there?


    I wasn’t logged in, since I bounce around between working on different sites and they all go to different e-mail addresses for admin use. I was able to back-door my way into the site by typing out the extensions ( But normally, there is a panel in the bottom of the right column that has the site admin and log-in links, and that’s not there.



    That’s actually the front door to the Dashboard and the “panel” you are referring to is the Meta Widget.

    Are you the sole Admin on the site? If so, I would carefully check that the Admin email has not been changed and to change your password. There are other security measures one should take as well. See tt’s suggestions here:


    At this point I am the sole admin for this site (I eventually plan to give someone else access once I get the site set up the way I want it). I always work in secure mode (https), and I did update my password recently. Now that you mention the Meta Widget, I checked my appearances and saw that it wasn’t active, so I activated it. That seems to have cleared up the problem.

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