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My log-in page has changed and I cannot access the "Visual Editor"

  1. I cannot log-in as I usually do. When I try, I get an entirely different screen which has the log-in function changed. Once I do log-in using the different screen, I am unable to access the Visual Editor. The code editing is the only option I can access, and I don't like the code editing; I always use the Visual Editor.

  2. have you checked your profile to see if the visual editor option is checked?

  3. Start by clearing your browser and cookies, logging out and then logging in again. You may find that everything is back to normal if you do this. Also follow the advice above. Once you are logged in go to -> Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile and check mark the "use the visual rich text editor" and then ckick "Update Options".

    Whenever the editor "disappears" clear your browser
    and then confirm that the "use visual rich text editor" is checked on the Your Profile page where I indicated above.


  4. Thanks so much for the suggestions. I did have my "visual editor" box checked. The press "Ctrl and F5" together worked. I will definitely file this in my mind in case this happens again, but this was the first time.

  5. I'm glad to hear clearing your browser solved the problem.
    I have my firefox browser set up to clear every time I leave the net.
    Do be aware though that sometimes for some unknown reason the "use the visual text rich editor" button switches off.

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