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    Hi all. I joined WordPress in September last year and yesterday I created a new, second blog for my photographs. However, my menu displays on the left of the Dashboard (the settings, tools etc) appear very different on each blog.

    In my first blog, ‘Defying Leviticus’ the menus look old and faded somehow and are less efficient. Whereas on the second, newer blog, ‘iPad Magic’ the menus appear fresher, newer and work better.
    I was just wondering why and is it something I’ve done or is it normal and can it be changed. The second blog menus look so much better.

    Thank you.


    There is no difference in versions, we are all on the same version of wordpress, so could it be that you have different color schemes set for the two sites?

    In the dashboard of each site, go to users > personal settings and see which color scheme you have chosen for them.



    Hi there! I can see your Dashboard menus are working *exactly* the same on each of those blogs. Perhaps you have collapsed one of them which made it smaller with fly-out submenus?

    Please refer to this page for more information on collapsing and expanding:

    Or maybe it’s the color scheme as @thesacredpath mentioned above :)

    If that does not solve your issue, could you please provide us with a couple of screenshots of the two dashboard menus that you’re seeing?



    Ah, yes, I had collapsed the menu on the first blog. But typically I can’t ‘uncollapse’ it from my iPad. And laptop out of commission.
    Thank you for your prompt replies Sacred and Kovshenin. Much appreciated.



    Yeah, I agree that fly-out submenus are not the best interface for a touch device. We’re constantly working to improve that, so hang in there!

    P.S. Did you know that we have a WordPress iOS App for the iPhone and iPad? You can download it for free from the App Store on your device. You can find the details here:



    Yes, kovshevin I have the WP app and I love it. And I believe they are doing updates soon so that’ll be great. Thank you.

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