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My mom is the only one who reads my blog...

  1. Anyone else ever feel like this? Sad but true...someday's I know she is my only fan!

    If you fall into this category, post a link here, I would love to check out your blog!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not today, I read it too :)

  3. You're lucky, my mum doesn't read my blogs. She has no idea how to work a computer

  4. Ha! it. Thanks sami116

  5. My mom isn't the only one who reads my blog, but she sure as hell is the only one who likes it. Haha.

  6. aoifemcdermotdeclare

    It won't always be so. Just keep at it.

  7. My mom doesn't even read my blog. Im sure she'd think the pictures were lovely, but wouldn't get any of the nerd culture.

  8. strawberryindigo

    @upsidedownglasses, Could you ask your mom if she could read my blog too?
    I'm getting really lonely over there and my mom cannot operate a computer either.
    I hope the link works because I am inept at this stuff, but I promise, I would entertain your mom with my words and wit.

  9. None of my friends read my blog, it gives me the freedom to insult them whenever I wish. :) I like your blog btw.

  10. Your comments have made me smile, and even laugh a little bit. mom is the only family/friend who knows about my blog. I also like the freedom to write...without always thinking about someone else's opinion. Well, someone I know that is...

    Those of you that need more readers...I will tell my mom about you. She will make you feel like you are the best writer/photographer there is! As long as you don't steal any of my

  11. My mom doesn't read mine either, which kind of makes me sad, but just because of the content. Oh well.

    I like your blog!

  12. haha this is brilliant! Nice blog btw. Nah my mum doesn't even know I write a blog. Yeah it's hard being a new blogger and gaining a readership that follows all your posts- great if you could check it out, thanks

  13. "My mom is the only one who reads my blog"

    It's the perfect headline. 10 perfect words. Keep the headline and make it a post and's Freshly Press-able! A breath of fresh air from the 'look-at-me-I-want-your-attention kind of post. I'm hoping she gets hugs and kisses.

  14. Nope, your mom's not your only fan, I've just subscribed! Don't worry, in time you'll get more readers. Read other people's posts, post comments, reply to comments, surf off into other people's posts... they'll find you.

  15. If I start a forum saying 'my dad is the only one who reads my blog' will you all subscribe to my blog? Jokes. @gigisanchez has a great point that would make a top post, better than most of the freshly pressed one atm.

  16. Thanks everyone, you have definitely made my day! I will take your advice and use my topic as a post...hmmm...what to write about.

    I can't wait to check out all your blogs...and that goes for anyone else who joins this conversation.

    I will be going out of town to join my daughter's 6th grade class for their 3 days at camp! Am I crazy you ask? Probably...I will let you know when I get back!

    And yes joejames...if you started a forum with that topic, I would subscribe no matter what!

  17. How bout "My five year old brother is the only person who reads my blog (and only because I force him to)"?

  18. when you get back from this crazy expedition you will find a following, not just a forum but a following of bloggers who only have a readership of their own dad, who continually refreshes the page of their blog so their stats look awesome- not like my dad does that at all....

  19. @eviebelin this could go on forever I mean I've got loads of versions ready to shower the forums with :)

  20. Love the refresh. Maybe I could pay a few people to refresh?

    Anyway, up way too early(even for me - can take the girl out of the country-but can't take the country out of the girl)yes, I am going off topic. Growing up on a cotton ranch, by the time I got up, there were already neighbors sitting in my kitchen having coffee with my parents.

    3:24 a.m. here. 30 minutes to gulp down as much coffee as possible, and get this show on the road. My day will be...3 hours on a school bus, 71 6th graders, something called Heart Attack Hill, bad camp food, probably worse coffee, and sleeping in a dorm...good times.

    All joking aside, I am glad to get to go. I am leaving my own classroom of children in capable hands. Talk to you all in a few days!

  21. I don't let my mom read my blog. The fact that her English isn't all so good helps too. My blog is the place where I open up. And I'm not yet comfortable with the people from the 'real world' reading it all. The only one from the 'real' world who has subscribed to my blog is a cousin brother.

  22. My parents do check out my blog from time to time, but I'd rather they didn't, especially my mother! Still, it's me, so if she doesn't like it, then tough!

  23. @upsidedownglasses I love your iphone photos! Just goes to show that you don't have to spend a fortune on a camera to capture a moment.
    My mum's obsessed with the stats page for my blog. Whenever I post something new she always says something along the lines of 'I read your new blog! Did it show up on the little graph?'
    She's crazy about the graph.

  24. Wow, you're lucky. My mom doesn't have a computer, and if she did wouldn't read my blog. She's not into humor, is old-fashioned, and wouldn't get most of the humor. At least I know she loves me. I guess that's enough.

  25. becomingcliche

    My mom doesn't read my blog. Maybe that's a good thing? If she missed the first post, she definitely wouldn't get it. And might actually be mad at me.

  26. Only really my mom and sisters read my blog. It's not so bad. Unless they comment and totally miss my point...

  27. Hi guys, I am back from chaperone boot camp. Otherwise known as 6th grade camp.
    The kids had a blast, the parents are tired, sore, and

    I get exactly what some of you are saying about family members reading your blog. I didn't share it with anyone from the "real" world until I posted something about my dad. So I told them, so they could read it. I love to write, but I have this thing about other people reading my's wierd. It's private, so I guess it is easier to put it out there for strangers. Plus, I don't want to have to be worried about what I say.

    So there are days I am glad to have someone (family)read it and days I am not. I am trying to work through that and just write and not worry about it....

    Now I need to unpack...

  28. I'm only new, so she's the only one who KNOWS about my blog ;) ps your pics are great!

  29. At least your mom reads it...Mine don't know how to use computer ;)

  30. At least your mom reads it...Mine don't know how to use computer ;)

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