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My mom is the only one who reads my blog...

  1. maidiebike, why do I write a blog? I think it is a great question. And I am sure it would pull as many different answers as people who answer it.

    For me, I have always loved to write, so it gives me a little way of doing that. When I find I haven't written for awhile, I don't quite feel like myself. If someone likes what I have to say or better yet can relate to it somehow, then all the better.

  2. photographyfreestyle

    today i'm going to read your blog...

    btw: your lucky your mom cares what you write

  3. Yes I am.

  4. No one I know reads my blog. I like it that way, makes the comments I receive a bit more unbiased. I don't even know if my mom has seen any of my photography, come to think of it.

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