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My mp3's are not showing up on the page they are attached to.

  1. aphoenixindenver

    I upgraded space in order to be able to attach music. Then I uploaded mp3's, and attached them to the "Music" page. But they are not showing up. Help!!
    Blog url:

  2. That page is empty - did you try to embed any audio on this page?

    For detailed instructions about adding audio to your posts, see here:

  3. aphoenixindenver

    Okay I just read that. So I need to embed soundcloud in order for them to show up? If I go to my dashboard and click on "media" they are definitely uploaded and attached to the Music page, just not showing up on the actual page.
    I just read through that link, and I am sorry to say, I still don't understand how to embed the soundcloud software into the page. Can you give me some more explicit instructions! I apologize for my extreme ineptitude!

  4. There's no need to use Soundcloud, just the audio shortcodes.

    Specifically, following this part of the guide:

  5. aphoenixindenver

    Okay, I think I am really missing something. Because I already did that, I uploaded "New Media Files" and then, I attached them to my page called "Music." So my question is, why are they not showing up. When I click on "Media" on the left side of my dashboard, there they are, and they say they are "attached" to the Music page. But then, when I click on the Music page, they aren't there. So the question is, how do I get them from the "Media Library" where they say "attached" to the page called "Music". Sorry if I am just inept but I just can't figure this part out. Thank you!

  6. aphoenixindenver

    Okay, I found the page you linked me to by the "Upload/Insert" when I am editing the page. So then where are the songs I uploaded in the "add media" section. They are still there, taking up space, and I attached them to the music page, but is there any point to uploading them there? Curious. Thanks:-)

  7. You need to follow step one in the guide linked to and use the audio shortcode.

  8. aphoenixindenver

    Okay I still don't totally get this but THANK YOU for your help because it appears I figured it out enough to get some music up on the site! Thank you!!!

  9. @aphoenixindenver, to try to clarify a little further. Media can be attached but still not show up on the blog, when media is attached it is typically used by the gallery or slideshow features to display images. Media like mp3s will only show up on the blog if it is also embedded in a post or page. When you add the [audio] shortcode, that is what embeds the mp3 on the page.

  10. aphoenixindenver

    Thank you designsimply, that is helpful!

  11. Cheers. :)

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