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My Music Player Widget doesn't play

  1. Music player Widget is not playing, I have a Space Upgrade, have put the Music player in the sidebar, uploaded songs (and put them in order), cleared cookies and cache to get the player visible BUT when I click play, nothing happens. No sound at all, it doesn't even buffer.
    The link to the page is:


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there - It plays fine for me with Firefox 25. What version of Firefox are you using?

  3. Hi, I managed to get it playing on Firefox 25 (was an issue of clearing the cache properly, it was crashing before clearing it).
    However, no matter how thoroughly I clear caches I cannot get the media player to work on Safari 5.1.10 or Google Chrome (which I downloaded as a way to test).
    The buffering was also really slow when it did get going on Firefox, took nearly 5 mins to start playing, is this just a NZ (rubbish internet) thing or did it take that long for you too?


  4. Hi there - This is strange. I don't have any trouble playing it on Firefox, it's not slow for me. But I can't play it in Chrome, either. I tried this out on a test blog, and I didn't have any problem with my own .mp3s in Chrome, but when I downloaded your Walk on the Wild Side track and uploaded it to my test blog, it wouldn't play in Chrome, either. So it's something to do with those particular files.

    It plays just fine in iTunes when I download it, though. Can you walk me through your process of preparing those .mp3 files before you upload them to your site? Do you use any sort of software to edit them?

  5. Odd isn't it?
    I haven't done anything to the mp3s, just a straight upload so I don't know whats going on there. They are just as the sound guy gave them to me and have always worked before (soundcloud, CDs, iTunes etc) I do also have them in mp4 format, is that supported by WordPress? is it worth taking the mp3s down and putting up the mp4s?
    Oh and thank you, I really appreciate your help, awesome customer service. :)

  6. Hi there - The audio player uses .mp3s so changing the format wouldn't help you. It appears this is a long-standing issue with Chrome on Macs. If you Google 'chrome mp3 problems' you'll see a lot of results. Unfortunately, I'm not finding much explanation of why it only happens with some files. I did find a couple of suggestions here for things to try:

  7. I will stay using Firefox and hopefully not too many of my viewers will be on Chrome.
    I really appreciate your help with this, you have been great.

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