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My New Blog Biography and $500 in Contest Prizes! Literally. Yes we're crazy. =)

  1. Hello everyone!

    I am so glad to be a part of I have had my blog since the 21st of last week, and since the first day of it's creation it has exploded into something new, exciting and totally beyond anything that I could have imagined!

    I have had the opportunity to connect with and support people in the online communities around me, simply by sharing a lot of love, to a lot of people. And it is really making an impact if I do say so myself!

    I have had only minor blog making experience prior to the creation of my blog, and that was with blogger, and it was not the most fun back 4 years ago.

    I simply had no idea that I would feel this way about blogging. The opportunity that now have to effect peoples lives for the better is beyond my wildest dreams, and it is something that I always dreamed of doing through my writing. This blog started out as an extension of our newly created Etsy site, and now Etsy has become a small extension of it.

    It is what I wake up every morning to do now with a smile on my face, hoping to put a smile on the face of others as I can.

    We are hosting a Children's Art + Poetry Contest as well as our Original Poetry Contest, the two combined worth well over $500 in prizes, simply because we like to give that much.

    We sincerely hope you enjoy! And please stop by and give our current featured poets and artists some much deserved praise, because they are genuine, fabulous and we love them!

    Peace + Love,

    Rachael and Jake Ehrlund

    P.S. Please let me know what you think because I am still just taking one baby step at a time and I don't know a think about CSS, so commments and suggestions would be angelic of you!

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