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My new blog - Daily Bailey

  1. yourdailybailey

    I decided today to start a new blog. It will be a little bit of everything but mainly focusing on my dog and my personal work in animal rescue (fostering).

    I am kick-starting my blog with an attempt of a 365 Photo Challenge as well.

    Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with my blog with semi-interesting information and stories and super cute dog pictures (because who doesn't love dogs?). I know having a following and people who read will help motivate me to stick with it so I would love anyone who might be interested to go check it out!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Which theme are you using? I'm setting up a photo blog as well and I like the layout you're working with.

    Precious dog by the way.

  3. invisiblemikey

    @ksojack ---
    The name of the theme is "Under the Influence". Like most themes, it's displayed at the bottom of the page. You have to scroll all the way down to see it.

    Yes, cute dog, and fostering is so cool!

  4. yourdailybailey

    Yup, I am using the "Under the Influence" theme. Pretty much the standard except I added a custom header, turned off the double column entries, and mixed around the widgets a bit. The theme allows you to change the colors from the green if wanted as well.

    and Thanks

  5. Hi new myself but your blog looks fresh and clean

  6. Hey! I think your blog is a wonderful idea and will have a great amount of success so long as you consistently pursue it! Thus far, all looks quite nice

    - Gabby Wild (

  7. yourdailybailey

    Thanks Ian and Gabby :)

    (Day 2 of 365 is up)

  8. My pleasure!

  9. yourdailybailey

    New Page Added - Happy Tails: A page devoted to my foster dogs who have come and gone

  10. yourdailybailey

    A little bump :) 5 days and going strong ;) lol

  11. yourdailybailey

  12. thehappyhealer

    great blog!!!! I've fostered for a while too -it's a job and 1/2!!! We now have 5 dogs of our own and I do animal Reiki for shelters and community events. Working with animals can be SO gratifying...
    good luck with the blog and your dogs :)

  13. yourdailybailey

    My entry from yesterday is featured on Freshly Pressed today. I'm quite excited :)

    How are freshly pressed blogs chosen?

  14. Wow, congratulations! It's an awesome blog.

    I wish I had something little and precious and awesome to blog about! Stupid college dorms.

  15. You're on Freshly Pressed a mere two weeks after beginning your blog? Congratulations!

    There's a WordPress article that explains how you get featured.

    I'm very impressed. Great job!

  16. yourdailybailey

    I know momfog. I never thought that I would ever receive that honor, let alone just after 2 weeks. It's craaaaaaazy.

    Thank you! I did find that page after I posted :)

  17. yourdailybailey

    Today's post. A little longer than usual (ie more than 100-200 words) and even includes a video.

  18. yourdailybailey

  19. yourdailybailey

  20. paramourinwaiting

    Wow! Congrats on the Freshly Pressed! My blog is perhaps a tab bit risque to be featured but kudos to you, especially after 2 weeks. I'm definitely will be checking out your blog. :-)

  21. yourdailybailey

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