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My new blog Post and configuration

  1. "You are logged in as "piedadmontesdeoca" and do not have the necessary privileges to access the dashboard for "MY PIEDAD BIZZSUCCESS". If you are not "piedadmontesdeoca", please log out, and log back in with your username. If you are "piedadmontesdeoca" and you need access, please ask an administrator of the site to invite you."
    I am piedadmontesdeoca and can't go into my blog. Everytime I tried to enter and make a post this comment appears and i don't find any administrator because I am the administrator of my blog, the owner, and i do everything in my blog.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you have more than one username account?
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  3. What is the URL of the blog you're trying to access?

  4. Yes, thanks for answering my questions. Timethief and Macmanx...
    I just enter to the link that was here and open one of my blogs.

    In Wp I have four.

    The main one that I use to have for almost 4 years at the time I was looking for change my Domain to another company it disappear, I could not recover. My link was: This was my primary business blog and I lost everything. I had the user name and the pass right but every time I enter the other company show some advertising ans I could not enter.

    I create the one I just enter to my dashboard, me being 4 days trying to do so. Thanks I just enter.

    The one http://mdopiedad,com I am working on this one but I had to change the theme to enter in a new dashboard.

    The other that is impossible to enter is:
    This one I think there is a mixed user name and address name. When I set this one always appears the with the dashboard. I tried to change the theme and every time I changed it it's changed to the http://ndopiedad blog. So I just fail with setting this one.

    I will try some of the suggestions I received by this way. Thanks for helping me

  5. Your piedadmo account does not have access to

    You'll need to be logged in as the correct account, the one you started this thread with, to access it.

    You can put your blogs all under one account following this guide:

    As for, it was never a blog. It may have been a self-hosted blog, but the domain looks like it expired in January and was purchased by someone else.

  6. Thanks. Yes, the person how did the job set this blog:, yes, was set in that is why I was looking to change from a company. I have a domain at Godaddy that expires in 2014 and I would like to change it to that blog. Does the information on my blog will be lost? Can I recover all and use the Godaddy account?

    I will follow the instruction of set the htto:// under one account as you said.

  7. You'll need to contact whomever was hosting that blog to find out if the data was lost. We don't have any control over it since it was not a blog.

  8. Mac.
    Yes, I understand, but the Blog was WP.Org? Not the Domain company... That was and hosted in the Hostgator... They only give you space in the sky but not own the blog persé. Isn't.

    I was trying to get the Org blog because are the one that have plugins and in the widgets I can set javascript...but I found some themes that have video, carousel photos..The only thing that I need is to set opt-in ... Is there another tool that you can get to set opt-ins that not be a javascript in Aweber?

  9. Right, is just software that you install on a hosting provider, we have no control over it.

    To clear up any confusion, and are two different entities:

  10. Mac: Yes, there are two different entitles... I was trying with WP.Org because they permit plugins and javascript... if I can get to set the opt-ins and get more fonts and sizes so I can make my post more attractive, as the plugins does, I will be pleased.
    Thanks for all your support you are very kind.

  11. Sure, you can have custom fonts and sizes with the Custom Design upgrade:

    What do you mean by "opt-ins"?

  12. thistimethisspace


    The only thing that I need is to set opt-in ... Is there another tool that you can get to set opt-ins that not be a javascript in Aweber?

    opt-ins= subscribe
    I think what is meant is this: Is there a way to have email opt-ins for subscribers via Aweber that are not JavaScript?

  13. Ah, that probably wouldn't be possible, unless you could link to a subscription form off-site.

    Folks can subscribe to your blog via email though, so you could just use your blog as a newsletter.

  14. oK thanks Thistimethisspace and Macmanx for all your help, yes that is what I have to be done... as a capture page off-blog and with a link into my blog... That is the only thing I can imagine, this is for subscribers... I do not know if the CSS will be useful... or any other tool... but thanks. It is a great idea to get it via email and use the blog as a newsletter...that is a great idea. Thanks a lot to both of you for your help

  15. You're welcome!

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