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My New Entry Came Up Blank

  1. My new entry came up blank after I clicked "saved and continue editing". It showed up blank in the preview, too. Can I still recover it? Does this have anything to do with the recent maintenance?

  2. One way to check is to see if it shows up in your Admin => Manage (Page or Post). As well, when you go to "create a new post", it shows you drafts on that page. Do you see anything? What was the name of the "post" or "page"?


  3. This is why I often compose long posts in a text editor offline and then paste them into WP's editor when I'm ready to publish. ;)

  4. I have the same problem, which was not the case one hour ago. I think it might have something to do with it - but I am not skilled in naming technical problems. It can be everything. Neverthelee I am "happy" that I am not the only one with this.


  5. I'm having this problem as well right now... highly annoying.

  6. Same here.. my new entries came up blank...duh!?

  7. Let's keep things in the other thread so there are fewer for the volunteers to keep track of:

  8. Quickly check your RSS feeds.

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