My new pages do not appear at my blog

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    They are saved well and I can access them via dashboard, bit they appear as 404 error in my blog.
    Moreover, when I edit page, I see “waiting for …/?preview=true” which appears to be lasting forever.
    Preview window is empty.
    I’ve noticed that ca. 15 hours ago and it is still the case.



    Sorry this probably won’t help you, but it might help someone else answer your question:

    Your question says “new pages” but is that what you really mean, or are your trying to add new posts to your page?

    Wish I had an answer for you instead of another question.



    Pages and Posts are different. Pages do not appear on the blog’s front page automatically.



    If you are still having this problem then please send a feedback into staff. The button is on the top right hand corner of any of your blog pages.

    @kerogaz, davidbale, nitawriter
    This thread contains the basic wordpress resources that one can use to find answers to blogging questions :) This link from the FAQs will describe the differences between posts and pages

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