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My new post are not showing up in any of the reader tags.

  1. When I load new content, I can no longer find it under the "Reader" under the selected tags. I am aware that tagging too many options can keep it from showing up, but I am only using 4-5 tags.


    The blog in question is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Now some of the tags are working, but not others. For example, if I tag "history", it tags it at "history-2" and puts it in reader category "History 2" every time. Any ideas??

  3. There are so many posts being publicized every minute of everyday that not all can appear on the first page of any of the most popular tags pages. Hence they appear on page, 2,3, etc. I also think the display on the first page of any popular tag may be randomized. Also your blog is quite new so maybe that's a factor or maybe not. The bottom line here is only Staff can provide an answer to your question and I've flagged this thread for their attention.

  4. Ah, I just figured it out! I will go ahead and put up the solution in case anyone stumbles upon this. I already had a Category titled "Odds & Ends", but the slug was history; therefore, the actual tag for history was slugged at history-2. So as long as I select the Category with my slug of "history" I should be okay.

    Thanks for your assistance though!

  5. Aha! You cracked the nut, so to speak. Best wishes with your blog.

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