My Nishita theme is not displaying correctly

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    Starting yesterday( thursday) my Nishita theme is not displaying correct. Widgets on right side og blogg, is placed at the bottom right side of the page (only wisible when scrolling down the page), and gallery is no longer working. (pictures are being displayed full-size when clicked, instead og displaying gallery)

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve tested my Nishita theme with Chrome, works great! But with IE 8 and IE9 the theme is not displaying correctly. I’ve been blogging with Nishita theme for the past 6 months without any problem, until the last few days.

    Hopefully the display error can be fixed for IE-users also!



    j’ai le même souci depuis hier …un bug sur le thème NISHITA …que faire pour le récupérer comme avant ?



    je vois que je ne suis pas la seule à avoir ce problème …qui peut nous dire comment y remédier ???



    eh bien même ici , mon commentaire est bizarre ..mdr


    Lili59; Sorry, I don’t speak french, but with google-translate I understand you have the same problem, and it also started yesterday.

    Maybe someone knows if the NISHITA theme has been updated or changed in anyways?



    oui j’ai le même problème depuis hier …désolée je ne parle pas anglais …lol


    Well, at 21:40 Friday 13/7 local Norwegian time the NISHITA theme seems to be working okay with Internet Explorer again. Has “someone” done “something” that solved the problem?
    Can anyone else confirm this to be okay?



    oui , tout est rentré dans l’ordre pour moi aussi … bye KRISTIAN


    I don’t know what fixed this problem, but I’m thankful for whoever fixed this issue!

    I’m calling this one a “case closed”

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