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My Noob Question... Need Answers...

  1. Ok... I'm new here... n its my first blogging in my i have a few Questions that i hope someone answers...

    1. How do i change my user Picture? U know, the picture beside the comment...

    2. How do i change the background/Blog Title Picture?

    Hope that someone answers my "easy" Questions.... Thanks...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1. Change gravatar picture
    User --> Your Profile --> Change Gravatar (prepared fix fixel picture).

    2. Change header
    Please read :


  3. Thank you!!!! XD

  4. I still can't find Change Gravatar in my profile.... where is it?

  5. What is the link to your blog please?

  6. it's linked to the username...

  7. dumb me... sorry... wrong username

  8. I think, Thesacredpath requested ryudo89 link, not me... :)

  9. If they aren't seeing the gravatar upload thing at users > your profile then that leads me to believe the blog is self-hosted. Self-hosted blogs don't have the gravatar upload.

  10. @
    Are you sure?
    Please check again :
    Users --> Your Profile --> in this menu, look at the right side in My Gravatar, and click Change your Gravatar

  11. LoL.... I manage to found it... THANKYOU!!! XD

  12. Yeah.. good luck for new gravater.

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