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My old posts are not showing up in my categories.

  1. I have been traveling this road just assuming that since I categorized my posts by content they would automatically show up there ad infinitum. NOT! For example, my second set of chicken recipes shows up, bu the first one doesn't. This is just awful! What do I do? Or have I done something wrong? Where do they disappear to? Recipe hell?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What exactly are the names of the categories that you are not seeing your older posts (not pages) in?

  3. I have the usual suspects as categories for food. I have posted two so far in the chicken category, but when I click on "poultry", only the most recent post comes up. Even threading through the entire post (including the "more" link), there are no more chicken (or any other) recipes.

  4. This has also been the case in "breads", "soups", "meats", and pretty much any category in which I have more than one post.

  5. That's because you've set your blog to display one post per page (in Settings>Reading). But the older posts don't disappear: there's an "Older posts" link on each category page.

  6. Thanks you so much for your help. That was the quickest fix on record! So much appreciated.

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