My old posts have become clipped

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    I’ve recently changed theme, I’m using Twenty Ten. Now, all of the older posts on previous months have been clipped, in order to see the entire post and any media the reader must click “continue reading”. I don’t even know what this might be called let alone how to fix it. Is there a way I can make the entire post displayed the whole time, no matter how old, or do I need to change themes?

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    Twenty Ten shows beginnings of posts on archives and category pages. That is how the theme is designed.

    Twenty Ten does allow you to over-ride showing only the beginnings with the custom excerpts function:
    “. The excerpt function allows you to override that: if you want complete posts in the main page, with their links and everything, you copy their whole content from the html post editor and paste it in the text box of the Excerpt module (as long as the content doesn’t include shortcode objects).”

    Of course, the custom excerpt function also allows you to write your own summary (with pictures and formatting) to catch the attention of your readers: encourage them to click to read more details…

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