My older draft-blogs are gone- very upset

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    I had several blogs that were not activated but fully intending to publish them and they are gone. I cannot find them.

    The only blogs left are the ones I started within the year and are new. It seems as if there might have been a sweep of the old blogs? A lot of hard work went into those draft blogs and I fully intended to publish them, Very upset

    The blog I need help with is


    Follow-up note to my question.

    I also noticed the old version of the “manage blog page” has been replaced with a cleaner newer interface making it easier to track the blogs at a glance and to create a new one–but where are my old blogs that were in draft. So upset.
    Had I known this would happen I would at the very least saved the content I worked hard to create. That’s several hours of writing—gone.



    Please note that we can’t even begin to help you until you post the URLs for the missing blogs. Will you please do that now? Also were all the blogs created and registered under the same username or under multple usernames. If the username account is not thewriterspath for them then we need to know which username accounts the blogs were registered to.


    Hello and thank you so much for such a swift reply.
    I’m sorry about that leaving out info.

    Because the blogs were in draft, and are missing, I do not have the URLS. What I was able to find was when I clicked on stats, on one of the newer blogs, there was a drop down box with all of the missing blogs listed as choices. I clicked on one and it the title changed to that blog,but nothing else happened. The theme did not change–just the info for the views was the only change.

    Here is a URL for a newer blog

    And there you can find all the missing blog names.

    Thanks very much for your help!



    blogs were in draft

    By blogs do you mean posts?


    If you need any other info from me, I am happy to supply it.

    And yes, the user name is the same for all the blogs .thewriterspath

    only the blog names were changed


    No—blogs. They were not published–they were still in progress is what I mean by dfraft



    if that’s what you mean you may be able to recover draft posts or draft pages. In your Dashboard view, on the upper right corner, under the “[name]” is a tab labeled “Screen Options.” Click it. Here is a list o f the screens where the modules can be hidden:
    Posts – Post Tags, Categories, Excerpt, Send Trackbacks, Discussion, Comments, Post Slug, Post Author, Post Revisions
    Page – Page Attributes, Recommendations, Featured Image, Discussion, Comments, Slug, Author, Revisions
    Make sure you select Select Post Revisions and Page Revisions those then close the tab and return to your Dashboard.

    On the left toolbar, click on either “Pages” or “Posts” depending on what type of document are you are trying to restore.

    You can look the last autosave for Posts » Post Revisions
    You can look in the last autosave for Pages » Page Revisions



    Your whole site is a “blog“. On that blog you have pages and posts.


    Thanks for your help. I stumbled on this

    and there they were–though it was listed as an “error” I am afraid to click out of the page.

    I am confused.
    WordPress says..create as many blogs as you want. So each time–I went through the ‘”create blogs process” and created several different blogs. And put posts on the pages I created for those blogs.

    But now all those blogs are posts? or pages?

    I thought a post was a comment put on a page –of the blog.

    I’d like to ensure keeping access to the blogs as they are not on the manage blogs page.


    Once you’ve read this can my above post be deleted so that it is not public



    Okay now I understand you. It sounds like you did create multiple blogs. What were the names of those blogs please?


    Certainly–I will get those but for now can URL bove be deleted it’s not left public?
    I do not know how to delte that post



    On the site you linked to in to top nagiation menu are these links to pages and those pages are on on the same blog.
    About Music Kathy
    Jazzy Picture Book
    Kathy’s Educational Articles
    Multi-cultural Beats 4 Kids



    I had several blogs that were not activated but fully intending to publish them and they are gone.

    If you do not activate a blog that you registered within a few days, the pending registration is released so the blog can be registered by someone else.


    I’d like to delete the urls or the posts with urls



    P.S. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention and they will remove the link you provided.


    Thanks–I think there was confusion with my question and the blogs are found–but now–cCan I delete the above posts, with my urls please?



    I have removed the links that you left here.


    Thank you. Hope that happens right away.

    When I go to site stats and click on site stats- there is a drop down box of all the blogs
    What you posted actually were different pages of that particular blog….

    I appreciate the help..I wonder if this is a question for the staff.I do not want to lose them again and the link does say admin

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