my ongoing livejournal import efforts are in need of happiness engineering

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    Dear benevolent masters of the universe, this nerd badly needs your help.

    I’m at wits end with some time-consuming (and seemingly sisiphyian) attempts I’ve been making to get my blogging content away from LiveJournal and onto a more functional platform that better suits my needs. My previous efforts are chronicled across many LJ communities and support requests, and also here at two previous forum posts:

    (apologies that those are dupes, I was a noob here at the time)

    I have decided, at this point, to abandon trying to get an automated import working between and my old LiveJournal account. This is no fault of of course, but I see no further value in pursuing that solution route. On the LiveJournal side, it seems clear that the XML-RPC issues at hand are not receiving much attention because they are only affecting certain accounts (and backup/export ease-of-use has never been a core concern of LiveJournal anyway). Besides, there’s no way to know if the issues were resolved if a complete import would ever work, because of their other recurring issues with HTTP 500 errors, connection throttling, and “varnish” problems with their presentation layer.

    What I’m asking for is a one-shot manual assist from someone at to try and get my content over, to whatever degree of completeness possible. I’ve sent an e-mail to, attached to which are the best XML files I could come up with. Everything is in there, entries and comments alike, and if they need to be manipulated a bit into a more specific XML structure I am happy to assist.

    I know you guys are busy, and I understand that this is a free service (though I’ll definitely be purchasing a few value-adds once I get myself up and running). I am realistic about this taking some time. However, if one of you could just reply to this post and let me know “hey dude, plea received, don’t worry, we’ll totally get back to you when we can and we think will probably be able to make this work” that would be awesome.

    Also, provided this “manual” method can succeed, I’d like to say for the record that I am absolutely a fan of sending web-ordered pizzas to hard working and potentially underappreciated support staff. You know, say, if someone were to contact me privately with relevant details or something. ;)

    Thanks in advance! ^_^

    The blog I need help with is



    Since you emailed all of the details to us, we’ll reply via email as soon as we can.




    If anyone else is barking up the same tree and comes across this post, I have some bad news. Depsite the fact that has responded to other LJ-related threads like this in the past saying “hey send us your XML, we’ll make it work” they no longer do this. The official response I got was “try setting up WordPress at home and importing your content into that, good luck.”

    So, back to the drawing board.



    Well, this is what I suggested when someone was trying to import XML files from Dreamwidth and meeting with a similar lack of help from staff. It seems a lot of trouble to go to just to move your content from one ad-ridden site on someone else’s servers to another ad-ridden site on someone else’s servers, though.


    Thanks wank, that’s pretty close to what I did.

    I looked back through trac and found the newest version of WP that included the old LJ import code (which was actually 2.7.1). I set up a local instance of that, did all my content manipulation inside that instance, and when I was as satisfied as possible with the results I uploaded a WP formatted XML file to my account. If anyone else tries this with a large number (1000+) posts, I recommend splitting the process up into a couple smaller files. This seemed to work most smoothly for me (initial attempts stalled out, the file went up but not every post was processed, I presume due to a protection on execution time or something similar).

    I ended up scrapping my comments, which isn’t that huge of a deal because so many of my friends have left LJ and burned their content behind them that a lot of my discussion threads were badly orphaned and unreadable (and over time, I imagine that “rot” will sadly only increase back at LJ).

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