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    I took a look in the akismet spam section of my dashboard, and saw a comment marked as spam. But the “comment” was in fact one of my one posts. What’s the use of having a mechanism that marks a bloggers own posts as spam at all?
    Here’s a quote of the section in question:

    […] My last post? Well I wrote during one of those overcaffeinated nights at the lab. I wa getting that feeling of bliss that only too little sleep and too much caffeine can give. But at the same time, it was the start of the depression, since that day my life only went downhill. But hopefully, it’s getting better now. But you never know, I’ve never been totally free from depression in my whole life, and for a good reason too. […]



    The […] indicate that it is a Ping.
    You linked to a previous post which pinged that post.
    I have no idea how/why Akismet caught it.

    You can stop self-ping using this guide:



    We discussed this a few days ago.

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