My P2 theme blogs don't load mobile versions on any Android browser

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    (1) My P2 blogs are hosted on at and They do not load the mobile template for any browser on Android including the default one like it does for Safari on the iPhone iOS. This seems to be a major bug in the P2 theme since android mobiles are selling more than iphones. I will not buy an upgrade if this cannot be fixed since I want to my blogs to load mobile versions on all cheaper android phones as well and I want to use the P2 theme only.

    (2) It does not show the post titles at all in the mobile version on the iphone 6.1 iOS safari browser. It just shows the header of author name of the left and reply on the right above each post content. The post titles have vanished. Please fix this bug.

    (3) The Community widget has a bug in the P2 theme since it shows only one column on thumbnails instead of the normal two in other themes in the sidebar and thus it is unusable. This needs to be fixed.

    I would appreciate some help here since I was thinking of a business upgrade.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hmmm, I’m afraid this is beyond us volunteers, but I will tag this thread for staff attention and hopefully someone will respond shortly and look into it.

    I will note that the mobile theme is separate and independent of the main theme, but then again, P2 is sort of an odd ball compared to standard type themes here, so I don’t know. I can confirm I’m not seeing any titles either on my iPhone in Safari on 6.1.2.


    Thanks thesacredpath. I hope they respond. They ask for screenshots but they can check it themselves at their end. Can you or someone else with an android phone confirm that it does not load the mobile theme on Android browsers also. I guess they will believe it and fix it faster if others can confirm it.


    Also can someone with Windows Mobile and Blackberry phone let us know whether it loads the mobile style in their phone browsers? Thank you in advance.


    We’ll have to wait and see if someone with an Android device comes around to this thread. I’m sure someone in support has one.

    And you are welcome.



    Hi there!

    I have an Android device and I confirm that the mobile stylesheet isn’t loading in either Safari or Chrome.

    I’ll get in touch with the theme developers and I’ll get back to you once I have more information.

    Thank you!


    Thanks so much csonnek. When they check and fix it for Android, they can kindly check for WIndows Phone and Blackberry browsers too and fix it if possible.

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