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My page has not appeared on google, also I have 1 tag and 1 category I don' want

  1. When I look for my page on google it's not there, also I have acquired 1 tag and 1 category I don't want and cannot get rid of. PAGE NOT FOUND...!
    Blog url:

  2. Your site seems to be one day old - it can take search engines 4 to 6 weeks to fully index a new site - you also don't have much content on your site for a search engine to grab onto

  3. Also, you have set your Home page as a static front page, then you have two other pages in your navigation bar on top.

    There is no link to your blogging page ( except via the archives widget and the category widget in your sidebar.

    Pages are static, have no dates, and cannot be categorized.

    Posts are displayed on you blogging "page" and they have date and can be tagged and categorized. Search engines and readers can find your post by way of the tags and cats.

    The blogging page cannot be edited like a normal page: it is dynamic because every time you publish a post it changes.

    You cannot post to a page.

    Here is an excellent article (with references you should be sure to read):

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