My Page Is Down! Why????

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    So, in essence, if I pay the 85 dollars there still is no guarantee that the site will be back up and online under today?


    Also if reverted back to all all of my 1400+ posts on my blog go back to the address even if I posted then under the address.

    In short will all of my posts be reverted back to the original address?



    In short will all of my posts be reverted back to the original address?

    Yes. See what I posted above.



    It takes 24 to 72 hours for change to reach the far corners of the internet for new domain mapping – changes usually start after a few hours but things will be a bit fluid while the internet updates –

    If I were you I would renew the domain name – that keeps all the old bookmarks working that your visitors had will work again


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    Yes. Domain mapping is not the same as hosting. With domain mapping you are still hosted on so in fact all of your posts were technically posted to Mapping is like a street sign on the internet directing browsers to your site sort like saying: “Hey! ehasafetynews is over that way!

    Your readers will have to use the ehasafetynews.wordpress link if you don’t have the domain mapping. But your posts and all are still there.


    I don’t have 85 dollars to spare, I was doing this to brand myself in my job search and not to make money..

    If it takes a few weeks for the internet to find all of my posts and re-index them under the address, then I’ll have to wait and readers will have to search the site.

    Please revert it back to and if you could use the 13 dollars I paid and credit it towards my upcoming video upload upgrade, I’d appreciate that.

    If you can do it.



    I’ve removed the non-functioning domain-mapping upgrade and reset your primary domain to

    I’ve put $13 in credits on your account toward your next purchase.

    Just me know if you need anything else.


    Thanks Kathryn for all of your help as well as the others. It’s working under the old name. I guess I have to wait and will lose readers until all of my posts get renamed and then remapped!

    Thank you! :)



    One last question………I see the site has a secure https address Will it remain that way? Like this:

    I need to correct all of my links and email signatures if so!

    If you could let me know that would be great!



    Hi there – your address will work either on a secure connection (https) or non-secure connection (http). I suggest you leave your address as when providing it to folks since a non-secure connection is faster.


    Right now it will not work without a secure https connection……



    Do you happen to have any browser extensions forcing a secure connection?

    It works fine for me at


    I did…..I’m sorry, I forgot about it! We are GOOD now, thank you so much.



    Glad to hear it, thanks for letting me know.

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