my page is lost?

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    While playing with Twenty Eleven theme, I created a new page:

    Page Name: My Digital Notebook
    Page ID: 2472
    Page URL:
    Att.: Showcase Template
    Status: Published

    But when I am trying to visit this page, following message is shown:

    Our server sentries tell us you should probably not be here. Maybe you are lost?
    If you are sure this is the place you are trying to go, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

    What happened to that page? Okay, let we assume that the url is incorrect, then there should be any error like “PAGE NOT FOUND”, but this one is surprising for me.

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes! I got it. After a 30minutes of brain teasing, I got it. The fact is that

    One Can not use the slug ‘i’ into his posts.

    Tried with several blogs, like, etc.

    Wow!! An amazing limitation of



    There are several things that cannot be used as slugs (for example, you cannot use “next” as the slug of a page, because the URL you’ll get will be a link to a random blog).

    But I don’t know why the i can’t be used. Note, however, that in my tests blog it wouldn’t work as the slug of a page only – I had no trouble using it as the slug of a post.

    But I don’t see it as a limitation: why on earth would you ever need a plain i as a slug?



    It was not neccessary to have an ‘i’ as a slug. But I had ‘about’ and ‘gaurav’ as two slugs, and now need to create a new page about me, So I tried ‘i’.



    Hi.. I did more search on this topic, and I found that following slugs can’t be used on

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