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My pages are missing after I tried to make a custom menu

  1. OH BOY! I made a mess. I have been using wordpress for about a year. I just tried making a menu and I did it but, most of my pages are missing AND I NEED THEM!!!!! Where did they go? How can I get them back onto my front page? OH ! THIS IS SERIOUS! LOL, no really, can you help me because really I have worked hard on this site and i feel like I really messed it up. Please, please help me, there's alot of work there.
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  2. You didn't include them in the Custom Menu, that's the problem. Just go to your Dashboard->Pages and get teh URLs for each of the pages there. Put it in the menu.

  3. Hey RainCoaster! YUP, you are right, I did that and things look great. That was so much easier than I thought. I also just got custom design and that's a whole new world to play with html.
    Thanks for your help.

  4. You're welcome.

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