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My pages are saved but can't publish them

  1. When I go to Manage -> page there are pages I have created that I CAN VIES. BUT how do I post these pages to my blog? (or, because I'm new here... it THAT called Publishing?)

  2. yes you have to edit the page and click publish for it to appear on your blog.

  3. OK. So I hit edit and there was the page. Then I hit publish but it STILL didn't publish. It does NOT appear on my blog. What am i doing wrong??

  4. I don't think you're doing anything wrong as I've been experiencing the same problem with my latest post. I can edit, upload files and save. Basically everything but publish the final post for almost 24 hours. Must be a glitch with the WordPress site.

  5. ronsglass: what's your url please?

    some themes don't show page tabs, but require the page widgets to show the links. maybe you have picked such a theme?

    i don't know if there's glitch going on... if more people report a similar happening, then it could very well be...

  6. I wonder if anyone else is having this same problem. In my case - it's been more like 72 hours which suggests I'm doing Something Wrong! Help me please.

  7. my blog site is As I have said, I have a couple of posts which I have saved (multiple times). Perhaps there is a setting I need to change for these pages to 'publish'. Any thoughts?

  8. @ronsglass
    Go to options > general in your dashboard and check that the numeric offset from UTC for your timezone is correct and then click "update options."

    Next, go to manage > posts and in the "when" column, look at the date and time for each post and see if it is correct. If it is in the future, then open your posts and correct the "timestamp" (bottom of blue bar's at right of text editing area. Don't do this though until you have made sure the time is set correctly under options > genera.

  9. Here is a possible issue. The posts I want to publish do not appear in Manage -> Posts. They ONLY appear in Manage -> Pages. When I go to Manage -> Pages the (several) attempts to publish are there. You seem to suggest that these posts should appear in Manage -> Posts. How do I get them to appear there???

  10. thistimethisspace

    Posts and pages are completely different. The only way you can move data from a static page to a post is to copy and paste it. There is no automatic way to do this.

  11. Thank you - thank you.... thank you for your help. I got it to publish! You're invited to visit my site: You all have been a great help. Ron

  12. I've been following this thread closely since I've been having much the same problem as ronsglass had. Unfortunately, the advice that resolved his problem doesn't seem to apply to whatever is preventing my latest post from going live. I can see the post as it should look in the preview window but when I hit "publish", it doesn't go anywhere. I've waited for minutes and at the bottom of the browser, it continues to say "waiting for"

    Out of 50+ posts, this is the first time I've had this happen. I cleared cookies and history, re-edited, checked time stamps... any further advice would be welcome.



  13. What is the URL of the post in question, or at least the title?

  14. No, I mean the actual post that you're having trouble publishing.

  15. We can't see that URL because we're not the admins of the blog. If you can edit it, can you hit View Preview and give us the URL for that preview?

  16. If you go to manage posts, under the "when" column does it show "unpublished, or does it show a date and time for the post?

  17. It doesn't show that it's been posted at all.

  18. I can't see a post on that blog later than December 4th. What's the title? Maybe you put something in the title accidentally that is preventing it from coming up? At this point, I'm guessing wildly.

    Also: with a blog title like that, how did I KNOW you were from Vancouver? Hunky Bill sez hi!

  19. Hah! Good ol' Bill.

    Hmm... I wonder? I haven't had a problem before but perhaps I need to change something in the title or rewrite the whole thing and see what happens. Thanks for the effort

  20. Wait a half-day. Contact staff during office hours from 9-4 Pacific Time from your Dashboard and give them as much info as you possibly can.

  21. Will do. Thanks again.

  22. Open the post for edit and look at the timestamp information at the lower right (under the blue bar) and see what date and time it shows.

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