My pages keep disappearing from my blog nav bar

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    My pages keep disappearing from my blog nav bar. Every time I create a new page it is listed on the nav bar, but when I refresh the page the nav link is gone. The page remains at the correct URL but can’t be found via the nav bar at all.

    The URL is: – and there should be one more page, called ‘Stuff I like and use’. I’ve tried various shorter names etc and it still doesn’t appear.

    The theme is “Chunk” (free version) – I’ve tried other themes, which appear to work fine after I re-post the ‘stuff…’ page but when I revert back to “Chunk” it’s broken again. Help very much appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is



    Just signed up for an account last night and I have been noticing this as well. The page titles show up initially and then disappear a minute later. Directly going to the URL shows the page though.



    Did more searching. By explicitly making a Menu it seems to stick:


    reedmaniac – indeedy it sticks with a custom menu. Thank you!

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